Security, here is the video surveillance in kindergartens

Last week the Budget Commission of the Lombardy Region approved legislation that provides for grants and micro-nests for the installation of video surveillance systems . The bill n. 27 discussed by Pirellone is part of the initiatives in favor of minors who are not yet ready for the kindergarten to protect their safety in an environment that is too often forgotten and poorly controlled.

Security, the words of the rapporteur
” The objective of the bill – explains Alessandro Corbetta, regional councilor in Lega quota – is to protect the welfare of children who attend kindergartens , also given the shameful cases of chronicle related to the abuse suffered by several children in some of these structures . To this end, different areas of intervention are envisaged, ranging from prevention to continuing education for educators, from video surveillance to assistance to minors victims of abuse and to their families “. According to the councilor this provision will manage to avoid the occurrence of bad episodes involving children. They will be protected by video cameras not only small, but also all teachers who play with passion and honesty their work.

The answer to an emergency
The Region wants to respond with video surveillance to a wave of news reports concerning mistreatment and abuse against children. One of the last in time orders concerns the conviction of Enrico Piroddi to three years in prison last July.

The former owner of the Milanese asylum “Baby world Bicocca” has been found guilty of mistreatment, injuries, kidnapping and abuse of the means of correction. The former coordinator of the facility, Milena Ceres , was instead sentenced to seven months of imprisonment that is added to the two years and nine months negotiated in the abbreviated rite. But there are many cases in the hope that this legislation will definitely put a stop to the phenomenon.

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