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SEO tricks that were instrumental ten years ago might not get you where you used to be back in the day in terms of SERPs. Keen SEO experts must have noticed how frequently the algorithm for search engines change. It has been almost impossible to keep track of all these changes, which is why website owners choose to hire experts who offer SEO services to help them. Initially, pages were optimised for web spiders to crawl and index; however, nowadays, the emphasis is on optimising your web pages for the search engine user. By combining the right SEO techniques and putting the search engine user first, you may as well have initiated your successful SEO campaign.

On-Page versus Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to those SEO techniques or measures that could be done on the website to develop its performance and rankings. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to factors outside your website that could affect your page or website rankings. A successful SEO campaign is one that carefully uses both of these techniques to augment the chances of success.

On-page SEO techniques

  1. Keywords – Always think of your audience and the kind of keywords they use today. Initially, the keyword was very relevant to SEO, but today long-tail keywords seem to make a nice impression for your SEO campaign.
  2. Internal Linking – Internal linking is a major boost to easy navigation of one’s website. Directly linking related pages on your site can do wonders in improving how your page is indexed and crawled by web spiders.

Off-page SEO techniques

  1. Backlinks – With backlinks, it is about both the number and the quality of backlinks you get. Remember, the more the backlinks, the better domain authority you are likely to establish. Use local bloggers and influencers besides participating in social events to win more traffic to your website.
  2. Social promotion – Your rankings are not determined by your social media interactions but the clicks and likes you can generate on your social media profiles. Remember to combine both your SEO and social media for the best rankings on different search engines.

Three techniques to boost your traffic today

Any businesses’ sole priority is winning more and more clients every day. To get more clients, you have to attract more traffic to your site and besides have the ability to convert the traffic to actual customers. Here are a few techniques your website can benefit from in terms of boosting traffic.

Try guest blogging

Think again if you thought that guest blogging was dead. You can post your content on a famous website, and that may earn you the traffic you deserve quickly. Invite celebrity bloggers to also blog on your page to win some of their audiences that may come scouting for content.

Use catchy headlines and content

A catchy headline is always difficult to bypass, as most internet users would admit today. Understand what your audience needs and start captivating their attention right from the headline to the last full stop on your page.

Socialise with your audience

This is just another technique of knowing what your target audience needs besides earning more traffic. Engage in discussions with your customers by answering their questions online. Full customer satisfaction goes a long way into earning you quality referrals that can easily be converted to sales.

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